Month: February 2018



I might pretend

That I have moved on

That I am alright

That there’s still some love left in me

That yours was no true love.

But while I stray deep into an abyss of pretense

My footprints sink deep into the black snow

So it may lead me back to you.

I listen to the sound of my heart crack

In spasms like isolated thunderbolts

Each time I stumble on those love melodies

That injected beauty into our hearts

And the glow of love in your eyes

Still blinds me today.

I don’t know how to fill up this void

I don’t know how to walk without having to hold your hand

I languish in this dream that I can’t wake up from.

You are here today.

You are not here today.

Because time has since stopped.

Destroying our yesterday

And placing tomorrow in uncertainty.

If I wake tomorrow and the clocks chirm back on

I will face the world with renewed vigor

With burning flames of love

But as for now I am curled up

In the fragments of my broken heart.





The mist gathers in milky clusters

And engulfs the mountains.

The rocks recede beneath the swirling smoke.

The trees stunned by the gentle breeze

Merge with the white of the mist and become one.

The sky descends like glory is assumed to come

And the clouds behold this like a reflection of their own selves

The onlooker listens to the crack of disappointment within

For there’s no more summit to behold

But a harrowingly beguiling sight of mist and mountains.