Month: November 2017



The race is tight

The sacrifice a distant dream

The joy a short lived achievement

The success a crystal of Painite

The comfort zone a painful reality

Throwing the world in dire need for a dose of depression

Just to awaken lying lions

To chase away the lingering slumber

To sharpen blunting brains

To cast a shadow of darkness over the elusive target

And throw the throngs into strive.

So I will toss you into the lion’s den

Make your heart turn into a ball of burnt rice

And watch you find your route

And perhaps reinvent the wheel.





My heart swells in waves like an ocean in rage

And as I wait for the blood to drop I lay bare the white page

Only this way will I be able to open the cage

Walk down the beaten path in hot pursuit of the sage

Who might impart in me words that will let me make the pledge

And cross the road towards the next stage.


My heart swells in waves like an ocean in rage

When I envision the love getting better with age

Breaking through all including the gauge

And even when you are still afar, Paige

My heart still swells like the throat of a frog courting love.