silence pic

It is yet another grey evening. Sickening. Simple. Straight. We’d play music but there’s no energy to dance. We’d shout but we are devoid of a voice loud enough. We’d fall in love but there are no women in the bar to ignite flow with their heart shattering giggles. if they were there, their beauty would merge superstitiously with the sweetness of the hour.

And so we drink in silence. Shutting off the voices that try to drown our silence and serenity.

We sit cozy in the uncomfortable wooden chairs listening to the sound of silence. And air as it gathers and turns into wind that would whisper by our naked ears. We listen to the sound that the crisp cold beer makes as it drops down our throats leaving us euthanized. We listen but don’t learn. There’s nothing to learn anyway.

We are tempted to make calls but we are too strong for that. The caring voice of those who would pick the calls are just too much to handle. We want to drown in our drunkenness and in the morning only one person will wake. And sober as I would be, I won’t refer to myself as we.


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