I run my Palm across my face to sweep off cobwebs on my face as I emerge from between the tall trees. And sit on a cypress tree stump. As I compose myself, I manage to bring down my breath. The gulps of fresh air dampen my head the more. I sit still.

Before me lays a vast carpet of green vegetation. The land is still and awkwardly silent. Maybe the wind is holding its breath. Meditatively, I listen more keenly. Hunting for any sound that could spark the conversation in my head.

My head fails to capture the purr of a milling machine far away and the sounds of birds cutting through the air in their swift flight and insects clicking unanimously and silence.

It however hears the throb of my heart and the questions screaming to be answered.

I sigh deeply and my eyes fall on a cloud covered sky. Grey smooth clouds. While I search in them for answers for the questions in my head, I behold a hole in the well uniform clouds. It is oval. And reveals a deep blue sky. The clouds around it are darker and thicker. A wish to poke such a hole into my clouded head befalls me. It grips me tighter than the spending of a broke economist.

Darkness is creeping in. I can see it hide among trees and valleys. Cows can see it too and I can hear their moos as they troop in for the night. The children are rejoicing in shadow. They are playing and shouting and crying. Birds are beseeching their lovers to retire in for the day.

And my search isn’t moved.

Mosquitoes are beginning to zero in on me a rare source of dinner. They bite my legs. The pinch sinks like that of a person confirming whether he is dead. I scratch the itches inflicted by these tiny creatures with their little annoying buzzes. The pleasure is unimaginable. They hover around my head, probably expecting to knock me out with their miniature revolutions.

I sit into the darkness, staring at my own blankness, until it grips me tight in its unavoidable tentacles. Wondering how lucky must have sir Isaac Newton been when he sat under a tree only to discover gravity and paste his name on the hall of fame.

Finally I rise to go, with no answers nor findings. However,my browsing was not in vain, for eventually I have a story to begin with. but unfortunately nothing much to warrant me a place among the greatest men of all time.


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