Month: January 2016

Fade Out


This gone be quick. Forgive me for all the hurry and apparent errors.

The evening strolls in lazily. And the sunset happens in style. The sun is as red as the devil’s eye. like that of those revelers who have been on the wait in bars since 25th. It lingers a little at the edge of the globe. Licking the last moments of the year off the surface of the earth. After all this is the last evening of the year.

The euphoria can be smelt mixed with aromas of roast beef and chapati. Loud music can be heard,hitting the air as if its rumble would stop the year from wearing off. People are eager to update their calendars after the expiry of the old one.

Rumor has it that the new version would be no different from the one used in 1984,when the idea of a smartphone was treated as pervasive. Social media memes are making rounds like nobody’s business. They are creative,appalling and most importantly hilarious.

The only thing on the lips of earth dwellers is the aging off of the year and the birth of a new one. A year anticipated to come with fortunes, fulfillment of dreams and so much more. Most people are excited. Most people are eager. But many are anxious for they know not of the contents of these mysterious basket. If only they could look into the future.

It is however common sense that with the new year persists old grind. That which has been witnessed over the years with resolutions fading away in notebooks and diaries. And then it starts all over again like a gentle whirl.

Finally when the sun sets and darkness comes in to veil the unveiling of a whole new year,drunk people will make a toast,they will shout out some fast decided resolutions and get stunned at the beautiful lights of the fireworks dying away into a dark sky like the ultimate fate of their so cold new year new leaf imagination.

People will shout their voices hoarse as if the old year is to blame for their diminished dreams. They will sing soulfully and the new year Will watch while counting to ten before they all backslide and begin to wait for another new year in order to put their messy selves together. But for now, the year 2015 is fading out. Tired.