Month: December 2015

the story

Death in the Night.(Part 2)


Later in the day, Charity sat in Persuasive Communication class staring blankly. It was her norm to sit at the front row so as not to miss a word from the lecturer. Dr. Buteo was talking about the laws of persuasion. She delved on the law of reciprocation when she explained charity was sucked into her own thoughts. The deeper the lecturer dug in her analogies the more did her form and voice melt away from Charity’s attention.

She thought of her uncle who had died a week ago under strange circumstances. Something had pulled him off his car while he was driving home drunk. Then something peculiar flashed across her mind. She had experienced almost the nightmare she had had that morning days from his demise.

A tear drop squished out of her eye. It dragged itself down her cheek.

“Is everything all right?”

Charity was aroused from her reverie. It was Bargoria.

“The class is over and everyone else is gone, Charity.”

She looked around and the room was empty. Sadness and regret gripped her. Sadness for the death of her uncle, regret for having let herself dragged away in the middle of a lecture. She gave Bargoria a blank, lost glare.

“Am good.”

Then she hesitated. Was that really right? It even sounded odd to her ears. The alarming revelation of the connection between her uncle’s death and ugly nightmares she was having threw her into uncertainty. Her heart sunk.

“The lord says that He cares. He insists in the book of Psalm that He is our shepherd. Are you in fear? Do you feel lost and don know what to do? Prayer is the gateway to your communication with our heavenly father. You just need to believe and have faith. The Bible says that even with faith as tiny as a mustard seed, you can move mountains.”

Charity listened with the keenness of a judge during a sensitive and crucial trial. Every sentence hit her right in the core. Every word seemed tailor made to fit her. Under her breath she murmured little “Amens” and “Hallelujahs”. At some junctures she felt so much at peace that she mumbled a prayer, blessing the lord for His abundant promises. She wished the evening fellowship could last forever, that the soothing words of faith may sip endlessly into her heart and quench her spirit of the burning thirst for the word.

The sermon came to a disappointing end when Charity was making an entrance into the divine boundaries. Her spirit was rising off her body and waddling in the joy of the peace granted by the gospel. A feeling consumed her. She wanted to stand up and continue the sermon; to feed from her own words, to drink from the assurance of the Holy Spirit. However, she opted to lurch into prayer.

Church door cringed closed behind a dovish Charity. The stars were not shining. She could see distant street lights blinking behind tall trees swaying like ghosts dancing in a ritual and hostel windows glowing in different colors depending on the color of the curtain on them. Within, Charity had found a light that no intensity of darkness could devour.

A Conviction that something unfathomable was bound to happen but she was ready to counter it. After all if the lord was for her, who could be against her?

Her feet found way in the darkness. Charity walked with poise while she clenched the bible tighter in her hand. She was sure she was not along in the lone trek. Company was with her. But she walked on boldly. All this while, she could hear distant music coming from club F2 at Stage.

She walked past the Iron Gate into stage where the secular music was at its full blast. Students buzzed around the entrance to the club vomiting red lights like bees around a hive. The ladies were in extremely short skirts that exposed most of their thighs. A couple staggered out clumped together and walked to a vendor by the club and ordered for smokies. A guy rushed out throwing all over. Charity shook her head in disbelief and hurried past.

As the disgusting music faded away, Charity stumbled on something. She sighed and found her stability. Soon, she would be warm and cozy in her bed. She walked more cautiously, investing trust in her feet. After three years of walking the path, she was almost sure to have mastered the topography.

Then something must have moved behind her. She paused to listen and then moved on. A minute later, she stopped again. She strained her sight into the darkness and a figure appeared or so she thought. Charity laughed it off and resumed her walk. Her room was less than thirty meters away.
Suddenly, something hard hit her forcefully in the back of the head.

Charity fell instantly on her face and passed out.


Bargoria hurried for his morning prayers. He had checked on Charity but she could not be found in her room. Faith had not seen her. However she was not worried since Charity had the habit of spending most of her time in church alone or with fellow believers. Bargoria bought the idea easily due to the state he had seen Charity in after the class the day before.

The dawn light was already poking holes into the darkness. Bargoria beat himself over and over for being late for the morning devotion endless times. Suddenly, he spotted a black cloth in the dim light. It had blood stains. His pace slowed down involuntarily as he gasped in horror.

Bargoria’s heart thudded heavily as he surveyed his parameters. His tall frame shook and his dark long face went a shade darker. He could no longer feel the cold chill gnawing on his face. He saw something sprawled in the thicket. He moved closer cautiously. It was a body!

Naked. Lifeless.

Bargoria trembled from fright. He recognized the cold face right away. It was Charity. Lying there as cold as steel. Her beautiful face had traces of dreams bigger than death, hopes so vast Bargoria could not fathom its ends. Her whole body spoke of struggle both physical and psychological. Struggle for love, for peace and for life. Tears trickled down Bargoria’s face like a small stream.

A few paces away, Charity’s bible lay open. On the open page, a verse had been shaded lightly using a pencil.

2 Timothy 4:7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race and I have kept the faith.