Rest In Peace Your Majesty

what a heart break

what a heart break

A guy in a blue jersey passes the ball in between the legs of a charcoal black guy in a maroon jersey. Then he runs fast past him, loops the ball to a guy who connects it with the net. Jamie Foxx says ‘you changed me’ and I order a crisp cold Tusker.The smell of freshly fried chips hit my nostrils and I feel dizzy. I turn and behold a spectacled yellow woman with extra large breasts. She is chewing passionately while tweeting this magical experience away.

The deejay, weighed upon by young dreadlocks, fidget with his paraphernalia and bewitches us with cool hip-hop music. Namagua wine hidden away on the lowest shelf stares at me as if it is my fault I am not holding it in my glass. It takes two to tango but for me it takes one and an intoxicated brain. Some guys can be heard choking in a hearty mirth. The kind that only resurfaces when one is at last able to convince his new catch to have sex with him without involving a condom.

The cold drink streams down my throat as if aware of my thirst. I wet my lips at a Meek Mill ft Nicki Minaj song and smile. It seems to last longer than their fractured love. Less than my sobriety. The drink sinks into my nerves and I feel like calling my ex. I want to tell her how beautiful she is and how stupid I was to let her go. But I am distracted by a Dej Loaf voice. Soon I forget all about it.

I stare at a fridge and Elephant heads stare back. Besieging me to drink them all before they lose their tasks to cold-blooded poachers. I drink tusker because I adore Elephants. That doesn’t mean by any way that I don’t love Mount Kenya. How can I not adore the thawing summit named after veteran legends of the our community? Look, my neighbor is drinking White Cap. Someone has to stand with the Elephant. What do you stand by? 

In my next life I will come back as a Lion. And I promise not to kill any Elephant in my territory. We will exist like a single bride no matter how much hunger will try me. However, I will hunt down all the poachers and crush their bones like a machine transforming a tusk into a jewel. I will force him to come back as a big tusked Elephant. His task will be used to make a spell bound ring and its clicks against the glass of the wearer will be thunderous in China. I will let my roar counter the beating of his heart. In that life I will eat grass and poacher’s meat. I promise to mark the whole of Africa as my territory. 

I hate to think that someday the wild will have to exist without the trumpet of a family of majestic Elephants. I hate to envision that void that the extinction of these animals will leave behind. For anyone who identifies with my fears and can see the sparkle of my tears, I say we have to deal with this elephant in the room. For the dead Elephants and orphaned infants, I say Rest in Peace your majesty.


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