Almost Ep2

The world's dirtiest man

The world’s dirtiest man

I curled in my sleep

Like a fetus in a womb

And I had a dream.

I was ALMOST becoming a law maker

Or like Boniface Mwangi calls them; a healthy fat M-pig

And I knew I would make my stomach more round.

Like a tick

I would suck the bleeding economy dry.

Like a robber

I would put a sack over the heads of those nosy journalists.

Like a sharp shooter

I would nay down any motion meant to tame the party.

Like a Kleine-Levin Syndrome patient

I would finish up my dream on the cozy parliament chair.

Like a wounded lion

I would ferociously protect the thrive of kitu kidogo.

Like Iddi Amin

I would potently ‘fry’ any positive big mouth.

Like a Pope

I would bless all those who know how to own neglected land.

Like Martin Luther King, Jr.

I would be ingenious enough to give eloquent oration of hate speech.

Like Amou Haji

I would bath in all the good things associated with any MP.

And why won’t I break those laws that I would later remember to reverse?.


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