The WordBrewer


Hello there? It is time you and I had an acquaintance. One engraved in the commonness of our thirst for words. An acquaintance built on the need to drink from the vast pot of knowledge. I have been graving for these and more have you?

Words are magical, superstitious even. They convey a taste that melts into drops of sweetness in the mouth that embitters the taste of honey. Their beauty surpasses the sight of a star- lit night that makes the sky look like a vast city directly above us and the smell of roses flourishing near a trickling river feeding its roots constantly. Words bring to life dead memories, to light darkened days, together pieces of a broken heart and joy in the midst of gloom.

As I suckle on the buoyancy of the cool waters of the river of flowing words, I hate to have to be alone in this merry. Come, let us bathe, play, swim and even drown in it. The privilege of traveling beyond the limits of your imagination cannot be granted by anything else but words. With words there can never be broken promises depending on the tide you are riding on. You will let go that which haunts and acquire that seeming afar.

The sun sets to rise again another day, words settles in our hearts and mind even after sunset. We will not set to rise another day, with the might of the word, we will get stuck at twilight. To shade hope on the hopeless, strength on the weak and hand solace to the broken.

A journey into the infinity is commencing, those on board are urged to sit tight for anything could be coming your way.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you BINNSWORD for In the Beginning There Was The Word!



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